INNOVA 3160 Review

innova 3160 review
INNOVA 3160B can read both ABS and Airbag codes in addition to OBD2 codes. This  scan tool is the most versatile handheld scan tool. It has lots of features, and it is easy to use. All in one back-lit display makes it easy to read lots of information with less navigation. It is safe to diagnose while you are driving. The price is more expensive than OTC 9450, but INNOVA 3160B can read and clear codes of Toyota and Honda vehicles in addition to domestic vehicles. This is INNOVA 3160 reivew.

Here is a list of INNOVA 3160B features

    • Read and clear generic, manufacurer specific, and pending codes of all vehicles made in 1996 or newer
    • Read and clear ABS and Airbag codes of most domestic, Toyota, and Honda vehicles
    • All codes’ definitions
    • All in one display showing lots of information
    • Green, yellow, red vehicle’s health monitor LEDs
    • All I/M readiness status on all in one display
    • Blue back-lit display
    • Retrieve freeze frame data

innova 3160 review

  • Multilingual - English, Spanish, and French
  • Back up memory (batteries needed) for off-vehicle analysis
  • Code definition library
  • Live data
  • Record and playback data
  • Show data in graph style
  • Including PC software
  • Including storage porch
  • One year warranty

The Bottom Line

INNOVA 3160B is currently the best handheld scan tool. I believe this scan tool is more suitable to professionals. All in one display is great help to know whether vehicles are ready to pass an emission test. If you are a home mechanic and own domestic vehicle, you might want to consider OTC 9450 which is less expensive than INNOVA 3160B. These two are the only handheld scan tools which are capable of accessing to both ABS and Airbag modules.

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